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Save the Date

February 12, 2018

Fathers of little girls – Set the bar for a good date and a good mate sky high. My Dad did a lot of things wrong but that’s one thing he got right.


Hug like you mean it! My Dad’s hugs were a paradox, because at the same time that it felt that he might squeeze the life out of me, they were life-giving. I never wanted to let go.


Dad and my Mom went through a very acrimonious divorce when I was a teenager. I won’t get into what caused the break-up, but I do remember before it all went south that my Dad showed me what being a great husband meant: he would take Mom on trips, he would surprise her by sometimes bringing dinner home, sometimes help with the cooking, even buying the groceries. I had no doubt that he loved her because I saw it demonstrated.


After the divorce our times together were limited but he made every moment count. He was always the best date a girl could ever have because he knew how to treat a lady. My sister and I remember special dinners out for birthdays with a surprise cake at the end. We remember concerts and overnight shopping trips into the city. Even when money was tight we never heard Dad say ‘We can’t afford it,” which made me feel priceless. We found out after the fact that he would live on bologna sandwiches the week before and after to give us an amazing night out.


Dad’s hugs or his “Love you, Sweetheart!” over the phone could get me through any bad day. That’s what every little girl needs growing up, because then she will look for a guy just like her Dad – YOU – for her future. And then they have a chance at making their ever after a happy one.


Jayne Thurber Smith​

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