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The Most Important Job in the World?

September 10, 2017

Most of the time being a Dad is the best job in the world, but just occasionally it can also feel like the toughest. When our children are small we are ‘Dad the Protector’, whether it’s playground disputes, grazed knees or bad dreams, Dad is often the one our children turn to.


Then come the teenage years and almost without warning ‘Dad the Protector’ transforms into ‘Dad the Enforcer’ as we negotiate curfews, check peer groups and set boundaries. For Christian fathers there is also another role we must play, ‘Dad the Leader’.


When families go through the storms of life it’s Dad who can be the person that our children look to in order to provide spiritual wisdom and guidance, a role which can help the whole family remain focused on the promises of God. It’s during these times our children take note of what we say and how we pray!


Our children watch how we act in a crisis, will our faith stand firm or will we doubt God and question Him? It takes a strong man of faith to trust God when everything suggests that all is not well and say with confidence to his children “don’t judge God on where we are now, judge Him after He leads us through”.


Our children need Dads who will protect them from the dangers of the world and Dads who will love them enough to set boundaries They also want Dads who are leaders, Godly men of prayer, men of His word and men who know that God is faithful and trust Him.


Being a Dad may not always feel like the best job in the world, it can sometimes be the toughest, but if you are blessed enough to be a Dad it’s the most important job you will ever have.


Reverend Andrew


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