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Why Dads Make Great Storytellers!

July 3, 2017

Many mothers hate to admit it, but dads make great storytellers.


Moms do a lot of work for their families – all that cleaning, sorting, home-making and they take care of everyone from the oldest child, to dad, to the pets. And, don’t they do a marvelous job.


Now, don’t get me wrong. There are many dads out there who also make great homemakers, but traditionally it’s been the job of women.


Also, when it comes to reading to the kids each night, mom tends to get that job too. However, research is telling us that dads are actually better at storytelling for several reasons.


Dads Have That Voice


A friend of mine was a second grade teacher for some time, and sharing stories with his students was his favorite part of the week.


The class would gather around him, he would lean forward, take a deep breath, and begin.


Years later, a student told him how much he loved the way he told stories, but also how scared he was too!


This male teacher had a deep, booming voice which he used to such an effect the windows rattled in their frames, and the children shook in their boots when he cried, “Fie, Fi, Fo, Fum…”!


A deeper male voice seems to resonate with children. It is usually more relaxing, and can even come across as more trustworthy.


Dads Are Very Funny 


Children love it when their dads read to them and act out parts of the story. Dads love to do the actions, jump up and down, and role play many of the parts and characters.


Many dads like to be creative with the storyline too. They will often add in new line here and there. Some have even been known to incorporate the names of family members, the child being read to included, and enhance the story further.


Experts will tell you that contextualizing a story in this way makes reading much more engaging and compelling. Well, that’s the official, boring line, but, kids know that it’s just good fun and they love it.


Dads Dare to Choose Books outside the Box


Reading at bedtime is supposed to help children get to sleep. With that in mind, many moms tend to choose books which are quieter and more relaxing.


Not dads.


They love to grab loud, busy, and exciting books to share each night. Who needs to go to sleep, anyways?!


Why not curl up with a scary, thrilling book or one where each chapter leaves you with baited-breath, waiting for more?


A Message to Dads


You probably don’t need me to tell you how important it is to encourage children to read. We are all responsible for the education of children, as well.


So, my challenge to the fathers reading this is to read to your kids every day. Use books to build memories that your children will treasure all their lives.


And, read those books loud, and with purpose – whether t