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I Never Knew My Dad

May 9, 2017

My heart sank as I watched the young dad’s story on the afternoon talk show. Not only had he never known his dad, but his mom had abandoned him at age five. Now in his 40’s, he was seeking answers as to why and how his mother could have done that. He thought he must have been a pretty awful kid for that to have happened. The heartwarming part of the story was knowing an adoptive family welcomed him and loved him as one their own. As an adult with kids, he was now able to be the parent to his own children that he had always longed for. Yet deep inside, his feelings of inadequacy plagued him as he struggled with his true identity.


When it comes to spiritual issues and trusting Christ in a personal and intimate way, this man is not alone when it comes to relating to God as a loving father. There are so many people who have not had a good earthly role model and that can affect their relationship with their heavenly father too.


I was blessed…it was priceless for me to have had a loving Godly dad. In the past, I’ve felt guilty for this, but my friend said “People need to know what a loving, healthy father looks like so they will be able to know what God is like”.


The top three things my dad taught me about God:

#1. God loves me with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 3:3).

 I knew I was the apple of my daddy’s eye. He told me often, and told others how special I was. He was affectionate and kind.  His smiling kind eyes and warm hugs said it all. He spoke it, he wrote it, and he demonstrated it…just like God!

#2. God is forgiving and full of mercy (Psalms 86:5).

I remember as a teen when I was parking my dad’s pretty new yellow Rambler in the garage. He was so proud of that car! Even now I cringe when I remember the sound of the wood scraping the side of the door and the crease it left in the fender. I’m pretty sure I got a hug from him that day when I tearfully told him what I had done. He was forgiving…kind…full of grace…just like God!

#3. God communicates to me through the divinely inspired bible.