My Dad My Hero

God created Dad's to be the head of the household and to lead their families by example, and my Daddy certainly did that for me and my four siblings. The positive impact he had on my life, and their's, is so great that words cannot possible do it justice. My Daddy was a humble, Christian man, who never desired for himself material possessions. He was a selfless man with a great sense of humor who worked hard for his family, and demonstrated his love for us daily. He was present in our lives, and his presence was one that offered a feeling of love, strength and security to our entire family. He taught me many life lessons that will remain with me throughout my entire life, and he did so with few words. Whenever he corrected me he did so in a calm voice and along with his correction, he offered an explanation as to why what I had done was wrong. The last thing he would say to me after each and every correction was "Daddy loves you." My Daddy had a strong love for God, and he gave God the praise and the glory for all things good. He did so without hesitation. My Daddy went home to be with the Lord in 2014 leaving me with no doubt that he loved me, with many Godly life lessons, and with a sense of self-worth that he instilled in me by ensuring that I knew he believed in me. We live in a world where many Dad's are not present for their children, and where many that are present fail to see the importance of their role in the family. I can tell you firsthand, that having a Godly, loving, Daddy provides a child with a sense of security and protection, a knowing that they are loved, supported, and believed in always, and so much more. If you have been blessed by God with children, I encourage you to be the best possible Daddy to those children that you can be knowing that you are impacting their lives in many positive ways, and that all you teach them and show them by example will be appreciated, respected, and will never be forgotten. I was blessed that God gave me the earthly Daddy that he did, and I will never forget how much he loved me, and all that he taught me. I can honestly say that the love, guidance, and direction my Daddy gave me is something I am so grateful for. Remember always that your role as a Daddy is extremely important and that being present in your children's lives sharing wisdom, love, and correction with them has a lasting impact that is absolutely priceless! God bless loving Daddy's everywhere.

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