A Humble Man

I had a dream that I died and went to heaven. I died in a snowstorm preparing a team to climb Everest in Minnesota. My dream transitioned to opening a huge door being welcomed by the Lion of Judah. He began to tell a parable that at the time I didn’t get to hear but I heard spiritually. I later wrote it down. My father figure is God the Father and my inspiration is David Lewis. Here is the parable I got a few days later.

The Parable of the InnKeeper and the Servant The man who owned an Inn had a servant he was a bad servant, he complained and talk about the master behind his back. In the morning he would visit the rooms and figure out which rooms would be up to making a mess and get the other servants to do those rooms, which were easy to spot. He would find the ones who made him money and steal from them and the other servants. It was a place of grace and soon the man became guilty and left.

So it is for those who do not do everything I say they will leave and serve another. You children are my good children you come into my palace and do not want, you do your chores as a child does them. Not needing anything in return but, fear not I will make everything an adventure thus says the Lord of Hosts. O children you are home you have nothing to fear. I will give you everything. Follow me. I go with you and show you your summer homes for the winter. Your that wealthy. I will give you a desert in the hot stormy season when you need it. I will give you autumn in the dead of winter and spring in the dead of summer. And Yes child you died, again, I brought you into a new place. (From The Parable in 5 minutes in heaven) Video Link: www.mikewilkinson.org/2018/03/5-minutes-in-heaven.html

He led us to show us how we related him as the father. From other things I have written the father figure must aim to be a good father like father God. He loves but teaches along the way showing us mercy and grace as our heart become contrite. David Lewis growing up taught me: The heart of the Old Testament shows us that God does not look for sacrifices but a contrite heart. He taught us the heart of grace of the father and showed it in great humility. The grace we share one another will increase from God as we give over our heart to true contrition. His humility poured out passion in others and it’s the foundational to my faith. He also taught me when you reach out for an answer be always willing to learn then compare it to scripture, you will grow greatly with that. If your ready to learn and compare it against scripture he will give you grace to know more. Humility is an honor that is where it begins. Look to the cross, how humble he was, he didn’t focus on himself he focused on saving the crowd. He fulfilled Psalms 22 and brought the thief on the cross to himself. Jews commonly quoted the first line of a passage to recite scripture. He was pointing out fulfillment and the father took his eye off of the Son because held sin in his hand. Christ bore the sin of others and father turned his face as he could not bear to watch. He is a loving father. Christ bore the sin of others. He forgave the men who nailed him to the cross. He finished the father’s work for him on earth. How loving the heavenly father is.

David Lewis served as the national disaster relief for the Church of Christ. His humility builds the kingdom of heaven. He is a great inspiration to me to this day. He retired and moved away, but his humility shakes the earth.

Mike Wilkinson is an online pastor, businessman and writer of 6 books. You can view his content at MikeWilkinson.org.

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