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Proverbs 4:6-7 says “Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding.” Yes, we start with the scriptures, our absolute source of wisdom and truth. This quote from Proverbs is certainly not the sole guidance for wisdom in our lives, but these specific verses make an excellent point - pursue wisdom and understanding at all costs. Have you made a decision resulting from many hours of thought and planning that turned out to be the completely wrong plan of action? Did you abandon that plan and consider other options as soon as it looked like things were going in the opposite direction? Probably not. Our human nature tends to insist that we have decided on the right path regardless of the obviously destructive events caused by that decision. Now, let’s back up to the beginning of our planning process and add one extremely important element - prayer. These initial planning steps would read something like “you have thought about it, prayed about it, slept on it a few times, prayed some more and let God help you decide on the plans to make and the route to take.” Will this approach guarantee success in life? Yes, if it is God’s Will. There is an old song that says “he never promised you a rose garden.” As a scriptural reflection, I like to modify this to “God has promised us a rose garden, along with the thorns.” (see Matthew 26 and James 1, although we are not necessarily going to find a “rose” garden mentioned) How this apply to our lives today? We all have authority figures in life who make a great difference in our perspectives and outlook for our time on earth. Enjoy the time and experiences with your own father while you can. After he passes from this life, you realize how much time and opportunities were lost over the years. Due to any number of circumstances, a physical father may be absent from the picture. That doesn’t mean that a father figure doesn’t exist, though. With the absence of our own fathers, we can turn to others to fulfill a mentoring role. This father figure may be a pastor, uncle or even an older brother. We can benefit from mentoring/sharing experiences in Bible studies, Men’s prayer groups and other faith based civic clubs. We should also offer our own experiences and time for the purpose of mentoring to someone who may be in dire need of a positive, Christian, male influence. So many people have great knowledge and experiences that can add to our lives if we are open and willing to recognize the opportunities for understanding. One of my father figures is a college instructor. He took time to help me to understand not only the subject matter in class, but how to work with others and impart knowledge to the younger generation. As we worked together to solve the logic problems presented in technology studies, I gained great respect for those working so hard to instill knowledge in future generations. Our teachers deserve great respect and a much better pay scale than we are willing to commit tax dollars to support. To borrow a phrase from an advertising slogan - "wisdom and understanding, priceless." As a “computer guy,” trainer and author I have tried to “pay it forward” by working closely with friends, coworkers, church members and many others. Look around in your community for opportunities to show God’s Light to others. Faith is one of the few things in life that grows even greater as it is spread across a wider area.

Stephen Link is the author of “The Journey Along God’s Road To Revelation,” (wwwords.biz/journey-along-gods-road-revelation/) which is a guide and commentary carrying you from Genesis to Revelation in one year. All profits from this book go to the Middlesex, NC Free Will Baptist Children’s Home (www.fwbchildrenshome.org/). He is the principle owner of Link Em Up LLC (wwwords.biz) which provides technology training, web design/hosting, self publishing consultation and more.

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