A Trusted Father Trusts The Father

A young boy and his family were vacationing in the mountains of North Carolina. One morning he eagerly woke up anticipating an exciting adventure with his father. They were going on a hike, something he had never done before in the mountains. That morning, conditions were drizzly. It had rained all night long! When their feet weren't sticking, they were slipping on the parts of the trail that were rocky. They hadn't even walked a mile before the boy was ready to quit. These weren't the conditions he envisioned when his father asked him to go on this hike. He never imagined he would reach a point in which he desperately wanted to stop following his father, but he did. He wanted to go back and get in his comfortable bed. He vocally protested this to his dad, but the father persisted. "Son, we need to keep moving. I have something for you to see.” They trudged on and eventually reached a point in which they could walk no longer. "From here, we have to climb," the dad said with a grin. The boy couldn't believe it! He thought his dad was kidding until he started climbing up the damp rocks. Eventually, the father climbed up to a position above his son that looked impossible for the boy to reach. "Take my hands," he yelled. "I don't think I can do it, Dad," the boy yelled back. "You'll be fine," the father said. "Trust me. There's something amazing to see. I promise." The boy wanted to trust him, but at this point it was difficult. The journey had already been challenging! However, Dad persisted, "Reach up here! I will not let you go!" Finally, the boy surrendered and lifted his hands. The father grabbed tightly onto his wrists, and easily lifted him to his rock. "There! That wasn't so bad," he said with a smile. "I told you that I had something for you to see." At those words, the boy looked and saw one of the most amazing sites his eyes had ever beheld. The journey was over. They reached the summit. They could see mountains extending for miles. Fog was settling in a beautiful green valley below, and the overwhelming scope of God's creation took their breath away. To top it off, a magnificent rainbow had settled in between the mountains. How fitting. The rainbow is a symbol of God’s promise to trust in Him. The boy’s father had just made him a promise, and even though he was scared to follow, he did it and got to see that promise fulfilled. I am often like this boy. God has said that I can trust Him. (Proverbs 3:5-8) However, I often default to my own understanding. I am thankful for faith. It gives strength, even when things are uncertain. I encourage you to grab ahold of faith, have trust in turbulent times, because the beautiful view awaits.

Jeff Tilden​ is the author of The Chaser (Westbow Press 2018) and a U.S. Army Chaplain. Check out his blog www.jefftilden.com

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