Not Perfect, But Still a Father!

Perfect? Not me! Most likely not you as well. Don’t worry, our kids, as wonderful as they can be at times will never be perfect either. Perfect or not, men, if you have children, you are still a father! My own dad has been gone for over 15 years. He loved God and loved people, but was far from perfect, Many of my readers already know that I love acronyms. Here’s an acronym for FATHER that can help us focus on things that really matter as a dad. F - Faithful - My dad may not have been perfect, but he was faithful. He was faithful to my mom, church and the community. We serve a faithful Father and as fathers we should also determine to be faithful to God, our wife and our family. When we are faithful we are opening doors of blessings and opportunity for countless generations to come. A - Attentive - My dad was always attentive. Sometimes it was through listening and sometimes it was through discipline - but he was always attentive. He was my chauffeur, tour guide and trainer. Gary Chapman, in his book The 5 Love Languages teaches the following love languages: time, touch, affirmation, gifts and service. As fathers, we’d do well to be attentive to our children and speak all 5 of these love languages. T - Trustworthy - My dad, again even though not perfect, was also trustworthy. If he said he’d do something or be somewhere, you could count on his word. Can your children count on your word? Steven Covey wrote an entire book on trust titled Speed of Trust. His thesis was simply that successful businesses rise and fall based on the trust level among the employees and consumers. I’d argue the same applies to fathering. H - Hardworking - I vividly remember my dad being hardworking. He served in the U.S. Army, worked in the steel mill, worked for the newspaper and, even in retirement continued to earn income through direct sales. It’s definitely because of his training and modeling that I’m becoming the man that I’m becoming. My dad modeled hard work, persistence and prayer. What a great combination! Wouldn’t you agree? E - Encouraging - My dad, and my mom for that matter, were always full of encouragement for me and my future. The encouragement might have come through their spoken words, or via a letter or even by pointing me toward Bible verses or books to read. The last book my dad ever encouraged me to read before he passed away was The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Swartz. It’s still a great book for you to read and encourage your teenagers or young adults to read! R - Real - My dad was real. He wasn’t perfect and he was honest about his fight with alcoholism that almost took his life before he gave his life to Christ a few years before I was born. He was born in the era of the Great Depression but he overcame many great obstacles to make opportunity for me, my siblings and his grandchildren that are currently spread out across the US and in several countries around the world serving God, country and people! I’m not perfect and he was not perfect but he was a faithful, attentive, trustworthy, hardworking, encouraging and real father who left a lasting legacy. My friend, we’re not perfect but we will also leave a legacy! What will your legacy be?

Al Argo is a 6x-Author, Life Coach, Corporate Speaker & Pastor (Currently living in Asia) Check out his books on Amazon, Audible, iTunes or at Connect with Al on Twitter @al_argo Contact Al at or call 1-252-654-ARGO (2746)​

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