The Father Effect

We all have parents - moms and dads, right? But my Father that I call most of the time is God my Father in Heaven. I think that He formed me in my mother's womb, as in Isaiah's words - and knew me by name before - long before - I was ever born.

I always had a good relationship with my earthly Dad, and when he spoke to me I heard not only his voice but my Heavenly Father's voice. It was a voice of Authority, and well, nowadays, it's a voice of God speaking to me which I've been hearing in my mind especially when I'm in a quandary.

One of those Quandaries is when I decided to ask Him what to do about my life. I found myself asking "Oh my God, what do I do with life?" And one day I decided to get pen and paper together and wrote something - a short letter or essay - something that I wanted to get out of my chest, to get OFF my chest. I had a thought that I was in a job that was lackluster, boring, same thing over and over again. I needed a new direction.

So, I thought I'd start a blog, and through that blog, I worked out the path to getting to where I am now: an author, writer and soon, a publisher. It was all God who put me through my paces, directed me where to go and find more information about becoming an author. I went to take online classes in writing, got some creative pieces wrapped up and sent to several schools which offered Masters in Creative Writing, and in a few weeks, I got in and started my MFA.

I had God with me all my life, really, and He pointed me to like and want things that were good for me. I know that He takes care of me always, and my wins are His. I give Him all of what I have in the way that is meaningful to Him and me. I can't thank Him enough for keeping me close to His bosom, and out of harm's way. 

For those who are searching for meaning in life, I would say ASK GOD for what He wants YOU to make out of your life. He is our Heavenly Father, Who sees all, knows all, and controls all.

Mary Faderan is a writer, author and blogger. Her background is in science (research), medical device regulatory, and more recently creative writing. She expects to graduate with a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing this year. Her recently published books include: Life Lessons: Ruminations on Life as a Human on Earth, Essays by Mary Faderan, PhD (nonfiction) and The Loveable Resident (fiction). She gives glory to God, her Father in Heaven, and credits Him with her new career as a writer, but credits Him always for how He has taken care of her and her family and loved ones through all of life's obstacles. She lives in Indiana in the college town of West Lafayette.

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