My Gijo

I have not had my father in my life, but I had my Gijo, my grandfather, who passed away tragically when I was ten years old. He wasn't even my biological grandfather, but the love and self worth he invested into me was so deep and profound that I still carry it with me thirty-four years later.

He told me all I was, all I could be, and he had a "the sky was the limit" mentality. We would spend each weekend in the summers camping and fishing. His patience with me was endless. With his love and acceptance of me, he helped me flourish and showed me I was lovable and loved!

I would like to encourage the men that are perhaps taking on the responsibility of investing in a child that is not your own. The seeds that you plant into that little soul will flourish beyond anything you can imagine!​

Amelia Rose is a redeemed daughter of Jesus. Her book, Rebellious Daughter, will be hitting the shelves in a few short weeks

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