Flashes In The Fog – For Fathers

“Happy Father’s Day” to all of the fathers! You have poured into lives of your own children, step-children, grand-children, nieces, nephews, cousins, church youth, and even children in the community – you have fathered someone. The heart of a true father really has no boundaries!

I want to encourage those dads, including my husband, who have lost children and those children who’s Dads are longer with us. Father’s Day places a spotlight on fatherhood and memories start to replay exponentially on this day.

My favorite memory of my Dad was when I was six years old. He was singing music in the kitchen with members of his band. They all wore white shirts and skinny leg black pants. My brother and I would hang out listening to them sing and record songs. All of the band members spoiled us and my dad was always smiling and calling us his crumb-snatchers – the pride always came through in his voice. To get through father’s day, I play my Dad’s songs and simply sing along.

My favorite memory of my son and his Dad was when they were preparing for a father-son duet at church. Our son AJ was playing the key board and teaching his Dad the melody. It was funny to see AJ bossing his dad around. They got into a couple of arguments over how to do it the right way, but AJ knew he was the expert. The mischievous smile on AJ’s face told the entire story – giggles. I know my husband loves this memory because we laugh about it today. My hope is that my husband would think on this memory today and hear AJ’s voice saying, “Step-Dad, Just do the darn thang.”

For those who can relate to either of these situations, “Don’t walk around in a Fog today”. I challenge you to think of a fun memory of your Dad and/or your child. Then ask yourself, “What would they want to do today?” Do that special something today in their memory and look for them in the fog, they will show up in spirit and remind you that you are loved…still!

Love never dies, it just moves.

Happy Father’s Day!

Arlener Poydras -Author, Flashes In The Fog

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