The Father Effect

Thank you John for making this film so people can better understand how important the dads are and which huge role and impact they have on their children’s future. Their presence, the time spent together, the words and attitude towards their children will determine how they feel about themselves, the people around them and the world. The memories will have an effect on them for life in a positive or negative way!

I went through similar experiences myself losing my mom after years of depression and alcoholism with her suicide in the end and it was devastating for me to lose my hero of a father one year later as his loving daughter. He died from stomach cancer. Living in fear for many years, surviving emotionally and physically with my two younger brothers was not easy.

I grew up in Switzerland before living in Oregon for 22 years. My parents were loving and kind people who had a very tough childhood themselves. We children never heard their stories how they grew up, only some small pieces here and there. We were too young when both got ill to ask questions. Worries overshadowed our life every day. There were no happy, normal days or a “normal” relaxed sitting around the family dinner table, no weekends without stress and worries.

I thank God for my great dad who was my hero through all the tough times. He never complained and kept smiling even though he had very hard times and a lot of pain. He worked hard in business and people loved him and he loved his children coming home from work every night. I wished to have a husband how he was and thought it is impossible to find such an amazing loving and kind men and father. God knew what I needed and when I turned 30 years old this amazing, good looking husband and father showed up in my life. I found my sweetheart and the right husband for my life and going through our own tough times with our loving son who was born with a rare heart disease. My husband is always there for me and our son. I’m very thankful for that in all our 23 years of marriage.

I’m also very thankful to God that some great authors showed up to help me earlier in my life with positive written self-help books to overcome my fears. Through these books I got hope again and I started to live my childhood dreams later in life. My husband made it possible for me with being a stay home dad for several years, home schooling and taking care of our son. My dream stories and the books which helped me are in the end of my new guide “Dreams To Reality”.

After many years of learning and living my childhood dreams and coaching people helping organizing and beautifying their home and work, I wrote my own step by step transformation coaching guide “Dreams To Reality” in English and in German. It has easy and healthy tips for busy parents, involving children in the weekly planning of healthy meals, organizing, natural seasonal decorating and much more to celebrate life daily. Life is short and children grow up fast, be thankful each day and take time for living a healthy, happy, beautiful, organized and balanced lifestyle with your family! This message I try to live myself and teach and coach others. After losing my parents early in life and almost lost our son twice in very complicated heart surgeries in the last few years, life taught me to thank God for each day we can spend together as a family.

Thank you for this great opportunity to share! My prayer is, to help as many single dads, moms and families to get their homes organized, peaceful and beautiful! My easy “step by step” guide has many inspiring visual pictures ! See my 10 testimonials by clicking on “inside the book”, FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

My guide on Amazon:; (, Caroline Vogt)​

Caroline Vogt

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