A Father’s Love

My father passed away years ago and I miss him very much. I don’t have one story in particular but a lifetime of love, hard work and devotion to his family. He was quiet and old fashioned. He loved his family and loved to joke around with us. One of his favorite things to do was to sing very off key when we all visited the mall together. You never saw four kids run faster in different directions!

We took family vacations and he even coached my two brother’s baseball teams when they were young. You might say, “He seems pretty much like most normal fathers.” But, there is one exception. I found out after my mother had passed away that my two brothers were only half brothers. My father had adopted them, gave them his name and treated them as his own sons. Although he was not saved until later in life, he loved with his whole heart all of his life.

His example of love for my brothers, loving as his own, made me realize the similarity between him and my brothers and God and all who choose to receive Jesus as Lord. We are not just adopted into the family of God, we are HIS children. In remembrance of my father and in honor of our heavenly Father, I wrote this poem.

My Father’s Eyes

The love of a Father wipes away every tear.

A never-ending love I always see, deep within

His eyes telling me, “If you have a need I’m always here.”

As a child, He smiles as He watches me play and grow and His love is there through my parents as they hold me when I’m sick. His protection and watchful eyes are always there to guide me on my way.

Through the years I’m a young adult now and my Father’s love stands firm and secure; with all my ups and downs His love calms all my fears.

The years pass by, though I’m an adult in years; His love still stands. In my Father’s eyes I’m still His little girl and my heart is forever in His hands. A never-ending love I’ll always see in my Father’s eyes.

The love of a Father calms all your fears and wipes all tears away. The love of a Father is protective and firm; His pride shines in His eyes. The love of a Father takes care of all your needs; His love is always there; in good times and bad no matter where you wander or what life throws your way. You may have many failures and sin that darkens your heart and causes you to stray, but the Father’s love will never leave you. Instead He says come back, I sent Jesus to pay the price; I will always provide a way. You receive Jesus and your sins will be erased and I will turn the darkness into light.

A Father’s love is there to stay, firmly planted as all the stars up in the sky. God’s love is never-ending; and an unconditional love shines forever in His eyes.

A father’s love cares, protects, provides, disciplines and loves continually, despite our actions. A father’s love should represent and lead you to the most important love of all, the love of our heavenly Father.

God Bless

Sandra Lott

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