The Power of a Father’s Presence

When I think about my childhood, I notice something about my relationship with my father that is difficult to put into words. There’s a common thread of emotion that runs through my memories with him. Until now, I’ve never really wondered if it was something every child experiences. But maybe it is. In my mind, I can see those flashes of memory and the feeling that would rise up inside of me returns. Those moments when I would glance over at the parents watching our team play softball and see him. The Saturdays when he would take me and my brothers to the beach and let us fish with him. Or even the daily moments when he would arrive home from work. It’s a feeling that can’t be put into words.

I believe it’s important for every dad to spend some time considering how important he is to his children. Whether you’re starting out or have been a dad for years, realize you can be your child’s hero. All it takes is showing up. Take the time to step into their world. Listen and look for those precious opportunities to share your wisdom, your knowledge, yourself. They see you in a way that they see no one else. And it will stay with them a lifetime.

Sara Jane Jacobs is an author whose first novel, Season of Hope, was inspired by childhood visits to her father’s hometown in The Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. She cherishes the memories of those visits, some of which made their way into her story. Her blog is currently under construction and will be added to her website at later this month.

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