Back to School

Well like it or not summer is almost over and the kids will be back in school.

So, Dad’s here are a few suggestions from a therapist and ex-teacher for getting the best out of your child’s school year.

  1. Put your child’s teacher and school on your daily prayer list.

Teachers need as much heavenly intervention as possible. Teaching is a challenge occupation is these crazy days. Prayer is much needed for your kids teachers. Encourage your children to do the same and not just before tests.

  1. Be proactive.

Meet your child’s teacher and not just at back to school night. Encourage their teacher; let them know they have your support. Don’t forget the Middle School or High School teachers too. Just because your child is older does not mean the teachers need less support on the contrary they need even more.

  1. Send notes of encouragement to your child’s teacher.

Tell them you like the assignments or the way they are doing things. Teachers are under a lot of stress with all that is required of them, give them a boost periodically.

  1. Promote a love for learning in your children and praise their efforts in school work.

  2. Breakfast is so important to your child’s day.

Don’t let them out the door without some fuel in their tanks. Chips and a cola is not breakfast. Your child needs brain food. So make breakfast a part of the routine. Dad you need a good breakfast too.

  1. Homework needs to be part of your child’s routine.

Enforce a homework time as a part of the days’ agenda. Eliminate distractions, like T.V., game devices and cell phones. Homework comes before any free time activities. Check to make sure they are getting it done.

  1. Provide a place in your home for school work.

This space should be the designated as the homework station. Make this place a public space in the home where you can supervise and be available to help. The kitchen table works. Just keep distractions at a minimum.

  1. Check your kids backpacks daily.

Notes, homework and graded assignments get lost in that, “black hole”, called a backpack. A daily clean out helps eliminate the weight that the child carries around, too.

  1. Be a role model.

Be a role model for your children, read to them and read for pleasure yourself. Do your own homework. Whatever that means to you. Learning is lifelong.

  1. Make sure your children get a good night’s sleep.

Many children are nodding off in class from not getting the eight plus hours their young bodies and brains need. Enforce bed time rules and take away the devices that are so distracting to sleep.

  1. Understand you are the primary teacher in your children’s lives.

Learning is important at home and at school.

Support your child’s education.

Educate your children.

Frank Walker LMFT is a marriage counselor and a retired public school teacher. He raised 4 kids and has 10 grandchildren. He has a blog @ and a YouTube channel “ A marriage Minute”

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