A son’s dream

I have a dream -that someday, I’ll hear my kids whispering to their friends, “My dad loves my mom so much he’ll do anything for her!”

I have a dream -that in my home, the sound of my car announcing my arrival, will bring my wife and kids to heave a sigh of relief, smile and say, “Aha, everything’s fine now. Dad is back”.

I have dream -that I’ll be a dad that, together with my wife, pats the kids on their backs, sings them a song they love and kisses them goodnight and not a dad that’ll get stuck to the TV screen or the PC screen trying hard to make ends meet.

I have a dream, a vision, and a goal, -that I’ll be the first dates my daughters ever have, their first boyfriends and their all-important confidant.

I have a dream -that with God’s help, I’ll be a pillar, a rock solid support to my family and most especially to my wife, being there always for her, providing not just the finance but every need- understanding, time, a shoulder to cry on, steadfastly complimenting every single effort, never judging her for a mistake but always encouraging her to keep working towards her goal, love, prayers, romance and above all, helping her out with the dishes and the laundry.

I have a dream -that I’ll never see any reason to shout at my son, “why don’t you ever be like Charles, he’s the best in your football team. Why don’t you work harder?” No! I’ll never see a reason to compare them to any other kid because I understand that they have been made unique by a great and mighty God.

I have a dream -that I’ll have play time for my family, not flying from Lagos to Accra, from Washington to Kansas and on to Paris. NO! I’ll make time to go see a movie with my wife, I’ll date my wife every single day of her life-till death do us part, I’ll make time to go watch my son’s game, I’ll make time to go watch and cheer my daughter as she sings in the school choir, I’ll make time to go shopping with the family. Yes, this dad is going to be there for them all.

I have a dream -that, that my kids will know the lord from their childhood and that they’ll not be afraid to let the world know that God has placed a little light in their hearts that need to shine.

I have a dream -that someday, I’ll sit down with my sons, my daughters, and while feasting on some sweet popcorn and ice-cream, we discuss about puberty and sex and right attitudes towards the opposite sex. I won’t let them learn those from their peers.

I have a dream -that someday, my wife, my kids, will be able to call my mobile phone anytime, whether I’m right in the middle of a sales pitch or I’m about to give a wealthy prospect details of how my proposition will skyrocket the leads he’s making in business.

I have a dream.

I have a dream

I have a dream -that I’ll be that man my wife ever prayed to get married to, that I’ll be that dad my kids prayed to have, that I’ll be that dad that the society has ever needed.

Yes, the success of the world in inculcating the right mind-sets to the younger generation lies on the shoulders of the society, the society depends on families and the family looks up to the Father.

I’ll be the change that I want to see because change begins with me!

I’ll be the right dad!

I have a dream- that someday I’ll teach my children

  • That they should not just make a living but also, live a life.

  • That great potential lies inside of them and that whatever they want to achieve is possible, if only they can pay the price, working smartly and not just very hard, pairing up with people that have the same vision as they do, people heading in their perceived direction.

  • That they should forget about wealth and work on solving problems for by solving problems, wealth finds its way to their pockets.

  • That there is no ‘perfect’ man or woman who’ll possess all the qualities they’ll love in a marriage partner but that by love, and with compromise they can build the beautiful marriage they long for.

  • That they not just be students working to be the best in the classrooms but students who will also be found by life to be the best, students who will apply all that classroom knowledge to take care of the groaning world and lives around them.

I’ll teach my children to read, not so they can raise their hands when the teacher asks to know those that read, or so they can pass their exams but so they’ll have a knowledge of what they’ve read and because books are people’s ’36-years experiences in 36 pages’.

The world is so noisy. Everyone’s shouting at the top of their voices so we can’t hear anybody.

Yet, one thing the World knows how to do best: it knows how to shut up and give way to the man, the woman, the boy and girl who knows where he’s going.

Many a man can get dragged into doing another man’s job. That won’t be the case with my children because I’ll teach them to pursue purpose, to find out their calling early in life, to work towards it and not just be a helper inn the vineyard of every single man in the world when theirs is overgrown by thorns. I’ll teach them to pour out their lives into what their calling is, working at it with great love and passion so they’ll die empty having left their marks on the world, having been engraved in the sands of time and having blessed so many lives.

And finally, I’ll teach my kids to pray, to study their Bible because one thing I know and believe is this: there is a light that shines from God’s word and is transferred to the heart of the sincere reader. The world is in darkness and we need men and women who have known the saviour, Jesus, to let go every veil with which they have hidden the light and let it shine forth brightly.

Sure, it’s not just a dream, it’s a reality waiting for time but have you looked at the sky at night and see just one star, if you have you probably know the sky still looks quite dark. When, however, other stars appear, the sky is brightened.

We are stars.Yes, I’ll make my mark and so should you, too.

Ogbonnaya Uchenna​

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