Celebrating Fathers

The influence of a father figure usually sets the trajectory of individuals under their authority, consciously or not. We usually rise to their expectations, or succumb to their criticisms, their sway carrying from one generation to the next, and why Father’s Day can come with a myriad of emotions.

Many celebrate their fathers, showering them with cards, gifts, or a big meal. Some, whose fathers have died, pass the holiday with bittersweet memories, their loss pervading the day. But there are those who won’t celebrate, either because they don’t have a father figure to recognize, or the one they have doesn’t spark warm feelings.

When my father was alive, I sent a card. Mostly out of obligation—trying to respect the man who held the title rather than doing so out of fond memories.

Fortunately, I can recollect the caring role my grandfather played in my youth, and I’ve been able to celebrate the role my husband has played with our children. Without those experiences, having the confidence of a loving Heavenly Father might’ve been a challenge for me.

So, if you’re a man, and have someone in your life that comes to you for advice or looks up to you in any way, don’t underestimate the importance of your influence. Hang in there with them. Because your presence matters.

Penelope Powell​

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