Consistently Transferring Fatherly Wisdom

With the responsibilities that fathers take on, it can often become overwhelming to oversee a vibrant and busy family. You deal with wives that have their own parental responsibilities and agendas for the day as well as children who are seeking to learn and test their environment. But at the end of the day, a father that is engaged and in-tune with the family becomes the glue that holds it all together.

Growing up I came to understand that my dad was a quiet, but thoughtful man. Honestly, we didn’t have long winding conversations, but there was always a sense of love that came from him. Even when I couldn’t tell it, he was always aware of what was going on in the family. His nature to take in situations or discussions that occurred in our family and then single-handedly cut to the chase was never more evident than when he started his sentence with: “Let me tell you one thing…”

And there it would be –a simple, well-thought out viewpoint that was so direct and succinct you couldn’t help but stop and listen. That one little catch phrase my dad would start with meant there was some fatherly wisdom about to be spoken, and it was always worth our full attention.

So how do you pass on words of wisdom? Do you have a catch phrase or is there another method you use to get your point across, like calling a family meeting? There really is no secret formula for it, but let me encourage you to use a consistent method for this transfer of information. Consistency provides comfort and a feeling of security to those around you. Consistency reflects a level of maturity. And consistency can reflect godliness.

The Bible states in Hebrews 13:8:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Why? Because Jesus was and is consistent with His thoughts, speech, and behaviors.

Perhaps you have already established a pattern of instilling wisdom into your family and don’t realize it. I’m pretty sure my father didn’t realize he had a catch phrase because to him it was just his way of consistently grabbing our attention. It might be fun to discuss with your family the topics of wisdom and consistency and see what they come up with. How do they know you mean what you are about to say? If no pattern presents, perhaps you can start a new tradition in your family –one that says “hey, I really want to offer you some wisdom.”

Being consistent in pouring into your family now could have huge dividends later. My husband had a chance to get to know my father really well, and he quickly picked up on dad’s catch phrase. Even now, when we are remembering my dad, it is the one thing he brings up over and over. Never do I laugh so hard as when my husband and I are in a lively discussion and winking at me his says: “Let me tell you one thing.” Consistency in transferring wisdom matters! Commit to it today.

Blessings to you and yours! Elaine

Elaine A. Lankford is a Virginia native, wife, and mother of one. She is also an author, speaker, and blogger. She founded Transforming Love Ministries to empower Christians to cultivate their character and discover their passion. You can preview her book, Love Echoed Back: I Cried Out; He Answered, on Come join the conversation at​

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