Dr. John Sowers, Author of The Heroic Path and Fatherless Generation 

"John Finch is a man with unstoppable conviction and heart. His new book The Father Effect is a strong debut worth reading."

Tom Lane, Author of Influence of a Father and Lead Executive Senior Pastor of Gateway Church

“Father wounds don't heal with time. They must be addressed with love and forgiveness. In his book, The Father Effect, John Finch addresses the real pain associated with this wound and how it affects our ability to be a father to our children. I highly recommend this book for those wanting to address their own father issues as well as those seeking to be equipped to be a great father!”

Kris Dolberry,

Men’s Ministry Specialist,

LifeWay Christian Resources

“With courageous vulnerability, my friend, John Finch paints an emotionally gripping portrait of the undeniably powerful impact a father (or lack of one) has on the lives of children. The Father Effect is a story of brokennes, redemption, and vision for finding healing the only place it can be found– in the gospel.”

Father Mitch Pacwa, TV/Radio Host @EWTN

“The Father Effect is desperately needed today . . . . Because John Finch has been deeply wounded himself, he knows the powerful healing that Jesus Christ offers through His wounds that heal us and His resurrection that redeems us. May those who recognize their own wounds through this book also find healing from the same Word made flesh Who healed John.”

Testimonials About The Father Effect Book

The Father Effect Book

     Based on the feature film of the same name, THE FATHER EFFECT is a must-read for the millions of men and women who have lost their fathers through divorce, death, or disinterest.     

     John Finch always struggled after his father committed suicide when he was eleven, but it wasn't until he was raising his own three daughters that he truly understood their futures relied on his coming to terms with his difficult past. To move forward, he needed to forgive both his father for choosing to leave, and himself for not being the best father he could be.     

     This journey led to THE FATHER EFFECT, a book containing practical help for anyone, man or woman, with a deep father wound from losing a dad through divorce, death, or disinterest. Through positive lessons on forgiveness and approachable advice on how to change your legacy as a parent, partner, and person, THE FATHER EFFECT is the ultimate healing tool for anyone who has suffered the absence of a dad.

Testimonials About The Father Effect Movie

Ken Collums 

"Last night I watched The Father Effect Movie with my son. Wow! This info is crucial for fathers, sons, and families. Eye-opening & heart-stirring!" 

Nathaniel Rogers 

Jake Jacobs

“Just watched The Father Effect last night with my family.  Gave me and my kids some things to talk about.  I loved the short film but the full DVD impacted our hearts!  Positive changes coming! Dads, please get this DVD!  It WILL impact your fathering!”

"I had been defeated by depression. Prayed for guidance and God worked through The Father Effect movie. I cannot tell you in words the difference it continues to have in my life. There is something for everyone. For me, it was a prayer answered, an understanding found, and a new life challenge to be the best Dad I can be. What a perfect gift!  This story belongs in about every setting I can think of.  Thank you for empowering my will to be a better dad."

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The Father Effect Full Length Film

     Following the far-reaching impact of The Father Effect short film, filmmaker John Finch narrates this full length documentary, detailing his own struggles of growing up without a dad, how it influenced his life, his insights into his own father wound, the life-changing power of forgiveness, and his overwhelming desire as a fatherless man to find his way as he raises three young daughters.  While in the midst of this journey to find forgiveness for his dad, John had no idea how it would radically change his life forever as a man, husband, and father.  

     This story, a project that took 5 years to complete, is about John, but it’s also a story about the millions of others that have grown up and who are growing up without a father, and the significant and lifelong impact fathers have on their children and the generations that follow them. In The Father Effect documentary John takes a real and difficult look at his own father’s life and eventual suicide, and shares inspiration and insight for children and fathers everywhere who need to be encouraged and inspired.  Throughout the film, John shares the powerful father stories of people from all walks of life, including a former exotic dancer, a drug addict, a former All-American & NFL quarterback, prison inmates, millionaires, counselors, best-selling authors, and many other ordinary people with extraordinary stories. The 94 minute film includes the 60 minute film and 34 minutes of additional interview clips and stories, some never before released. 

What People Are Saying About 

The Father Effect Short Film


"The most influential 14 minutes of my life."


"I just want to say thank you for sharing this video. Changed my life forever." 


"Wow, this video moved me to tears and to my knees for so many reasons."


"A most visually & emotionally stunning film that will leaver a positive impact on all who view it. " 


"POWERFUL!  Every man should watch this." 

Darren Shares His Story About The Father Effect Short Film
A Wife & Mother's Story About
The Father Effect Short Film

The Father Effect 15 Min Short Film 

     John released the short film on Father's Day 2014. The goal of making the short film was to raise awareness about message of the significant and lifelong impact fathers have on their kids and to help raise money for the full length film. However, God had plans for this short film that were far greater than John could have ever imagined. The short film is currently being used in rehab facilities, prisons, pregnancy care centers, and more all over the country and is a tool many counselors use to help their clients start the journey towards the healing of their father wound and to truly understand the significant and lifelong impact fathers have on their children. 

     We continue to hear new stories frequently about the ways in which God is using the short film to help change lives. The Spanish version of the short film received over 100,000 views in the first six months of it's release and views of the short film and interview clips have now hit more than 750,000 views and growing every day. Buy the short film HERE or the full length film DVD or Download is available HERE. We greatly appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you!