Thank you, John, for your life-changing book, The Father Effect. Because of your amazing story of healing and forgiveness with your dad, I've reconciled with my dad.

Ashely LaMar

Your book, The Father Effect, is one that really changed my life.  I've strongly recommended it to almost everyone I know. I cannot thank you enough for your testimony and inspiration! 


Father wounds don't heal with time. They must be addressed with love and forgiveness. In his book, The Father Effect, John Finch addresses the real pain associated with this wound and how it affects our ability to be a father to our children. I highly recommend this book for those wanting to address their own father issues as well as those seeking to be equipped to be a great father!

Kris Dolberry

With courageous vulnerability, my friend, John Finch paints an emotionally gripping portrait of the undeniably powerful impact a father (or lack of one) has on the lives of children. The Father Effect is a story of brokenness, redemption, and vision for finding healing the only place it can be found– in the gospel.

Father Mitch Pacwa

The Father Effect is desperately needed today . . . . Because John Finch has been deeply wounded himself, he knows the powerful healing that Jesus Christ offers through His wounds that heal us and His resurrection that redeems us. May those who recognize their own wounds through this book also find healing from the same Word made flesh Who healed John.


John Finch is a man with unstoppable conviction and heart. His new book The Father Effect is a strong debut worth reading.

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