Testimonials About The Father Effect Movie

Mike Green

“Just watched The Father Effect with my wife. A game changer on how I want my kids to see me.”

Nathaniel Rogers 

Jake Jacobs

“Just watched The Father Effect last night with my family.  Gave me and my kids some things to talk about.  I loved the short film but the full DVD impacted our hearts!  Positive changes coming! Dads, please get this DVD!  It WILL impact your fathering!”

"I had been defeated by depression. Prayed for guidance and God worked through The Father Effect movie. I cannot tell you in words the difference it continues to have in my life. There is something for everyone. For me, it was a prayer answered, an understanding found, and a new life challenge to be the best Dad I can be. What a perfect gift!  This story belongs in about every setting I can think of.  Thank you for empowering my will to be a better dad."