My name is John Finch. I started making a film a few years ago called The Father Effect and while I was making this film I heard many incredible stories that changed my life and legacy as a dad. Even today, in conversations with my friends, I learn lessons and get ideas I can implement in my home to help me become a better dad. As a fatherless boy who grew up without a dad, there are many times I struggle about my decisions as a dad. I need help. That’s why I love hearing stories and learning something new from the wisdom of other fathers. We are started the Encouraging Dads Project because I believe there other dads just like me that would like to hear and learn from the positive stories of others. Fatherhood is not about perfection. It’s about progress. Please help us get the word out by sharing this on social media. It is through the inspiring stories of other fathers, we can all become stronger as fathers and as a community.


Our mission is simple. It is to create a community where we can share encouraging stories and ideas so we can help one another become better and stronger fathers.